A Young Mexican-American Woman in a Male Dominating World.

Wrong Side of the Pack Book One

Ramona Avila’s boyfriend and best friend are wolves but it wasn’t them who dragged her through the woods in a vicious attack. After coming home, Ramona learns she is descended from a long line of monster hunters. Ramona’s family now feel the need to rush her ceremony to join the hunter clan - but things take a turn for the worse.

No one is safe when the monsters come calling and Ramona is torn - between the family and friends she holds dear, and the almost-normal life she craves so desperately. As Ramona takes in the Yonosotros - an old spirit that will enhance her body and mind, something deep within her is fighting to keep it out. Will she finish her training and join the hunt, or forever stay the hunted?

A new dawn is coming and blood is always the key.

Story Time

Wrong Side of the Pack was once called The Silverback. An easter egg title indicating an exciting plot twist, but then I sent the book to the Alpha and Beta readers and found out the entire plot was overwhelming.

So I revised and changed the entire plot. I got the same response and replotted again. I started to have a meltdown because all these readers wanted this and that, and I wanted neither of it.

I wanted angels and demons meets the anti-christ. However it didn’t stick for long. I realize maybe that is out of my element but demon hunter isn’t! It’s the right kind of story for me. Young girl learns she’s a hunter. Adventure. Drama. Fight!

I was inspired by one of my coworkers and realized Ramona had to be Mexican-American. How many Mexican fantasy hero’s are there written about? I haven’t read a single one. Maybe there are plenty out there, but you bet I will make sure Wrong Side of the Pack is one of those books. The Mexican-American community deserves more recognition. And this is my book to all women and Mexican-American’s.

I replotted again. Changed the title. Changed the cover. And now I’m excited to bring this story to live. It’s the way I want it.

I write for me.

And if you end up liking it in the process then I wrote it for us.

Wrong Side of the Coven Book 2

Ramona cuts ties with her boyfriend and best friend to protect them from what she’s become. When Ramona’s boyfriend, Clay, arrives at her doorstep with a pack of wolves, she couldn’t help the smile that tugged at her lips- for once, someone had her back. Or so she thought.

In a callous attack, the Silverback held her father and granny captive. They’ve unearthed Ramona’s blood is unusual.

The young hunter leaves on a stirring adventure to learn what her blood means and who is the Silverback. Ramona’s body and mind are battling to keep Me-Uses out, yet her heart craves to accept it.

An elite coven of vampires seeks to end her small town and start a rebellion. Will Ramona be keen to keep the key out of the coven’s hands or join them and become an even bigger monster she suspects?

Coming Soon Book 3

Wrong Side of the Fae

Character Art

Special surprse of what you will expect to see. This is not all of the art, but some.

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