Faction of Time

2021 Author Shout Reader Ready Awards "Recommended Read" --Grumbled is a mostly-normal high schooler with a destiny written in the stars. But when you’re the son and heir to the Father of Time, nothing is ever so simple.

Thankfully Grumbled has his best friend Roue by his side – that is until a demon named Gara comes to town with a deep, dark secret that threatens to shake everything to the core. As Roue falls for Gara, tensions rise in a love triangle of epic proportions and the two of them find themselves battling trolls, skinwalkers, dragons, and the most deadly of all, the satanic Genjuricky - the demon of fire.

Forward ticks the hands of time at a bar in Hell’s fiery depths, where the realization hits Grumbled that his life has come to an end – or has it? Father of time has a plan to get his son out of Hell, but will Grumbled make the impossible choice put before him? The threads of time threaten to break as being dead is the least of Grumbled’s worries.

Trailer for Faction of Time

Directed by Ishmael Paz. Creator of the Death Row Series on YouTube.

Edited by Ishmael Paz.

Acting as Roue Roseblade: Jackie Garay. A

cting as Grumbled Uhr: Kevin Garay.

War of Gods

Book 2 Coming Soon

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