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Current standalones that are almost completed and getting ready to release. There are no exact dates for these yet, but the order of the books down below are the order of completion. If you want updates on these. Signup down below for each book.

Heirs and Curses

Garin’s always been an arrogant hero, but when he’s been summoned by the King of Valentice, he has no other option but to accept the mission. He faces one of his biggest challenges- a witch who can control elements of earth and animals. But on this journey he gets dragged through the swamps in a vicious attack. On the brink of death, a young boy who fantasies about destiny and adventure saves this brave hero.

In exchange to save the hero’s life, Garin takes this boy on his journey. But things take a turn for the worse. Demons are summoned and terrorizing their world.

The young boy, Niam, still wants to live the life of the greatest hero who ever lived, but when the boy becomes the hunted, he’s not sure if he should crawl back to his poor town and become a herder.

Princess Cassia, knows who’s behind the summoning of these demons. If Garin and Niam can’t stop them, who will? Perhaps it’s time for a new champion. A woman to outshine them all, or will her duties as a princess to secure her kingdom bring an end to her dreams.

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In the Deep End

Odette’s the daughter of a high society con artist. She’s always there to shield her sister from her mothers schemes. After years of being broken down, she holds on to one philosophy: Live for today because tomorrow isn't guaranteed- until she tries to save a woman she thought to be drowning.

Tyler, reminiscing about the mysterious girl he made out with the night prior now realizes how un-mysterious Odette actually is. He uncovers she’s gone missing and she’s a mermaid.

Deep beneath the ocean's surface, a deal between a mermaid and a God is forged at the price of a life for a life. Odette the mermaid, will do anything to be her old self again and be rid of the mermaid tail that fate pushed upon her.

Will Odette be able to take the life she so nonchalantly chose? Intertwined by more than a deal made in haste, comes the powerful lure that is Tyler. But does his life compare to the one she so desperately wants to get back to?

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