Curses and Heirs

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Garin’s always been an arogent hero, but when he faces one of his biggest challenges- a witch who can control elements of earth and animals, he gets dragged through the swamps in a vicious attack. On the brink of death, a young boy who fantazies about destiny and adventure saves this brave hero.

In exchange to save the hero’s life, Garin must take this boy on this witch hunt. But things take a turn for the worse, demons are summoned and terrotizing their world. Will this young boy, Niam, still want to live the life of the greatest hero who ever lived or crawl back to his poor town and become a herder.

In the meantime, Princes Cassia, knows who’s behind the summoning of these demons. If Garin and Niam can’t stop them, who will? Prehaps it’s time for a new champion. A woman to outshine them all, or will her duties as a princess to secure her kingdom bring an end to her dreams.