Jason Hein

Hey! My name is Jason Hein. I’m a self-published author, and lover, of all things fantasy. Let me officially invite you to explore my world! Visit VarsianKingdom.com for maps, fantasy artwork, music from the realm of Varsia, excerpts, and a list of my books.

If you like what you see, please consider checking out my books on Amazon. I sincerely appreciate every show of support, whether it’s buying a book or simply sharing my work with friends.

Jason Hein is the Author of Arise to Fall

So Who’s This, You Ask?

Sanam Asif

Hey, I am Sanam a work from mom, an entrepreneur and now an author too. I have a degree in Computer engineering and I work as a freelancer on Upwork. I also have an online natural skincare business, Miryana. I live a really mundane life with my husband, two kids, a cat, high blood pressure, asthma, and borderline diabetes. Don’t get me started about mental illnesses.

I recently self-published my first book, Just Like Fire, which is part of a trilogy. Throughout the writing process of the book, my motivation was to create something that I would enjoy reading.

She is the author of Just Like Fire

A powerful curse is cast upon Edinretha by the last words of a dying witch: From this day on, no female will be born in Edinretha. The ones alive shall die and you will have no Paragon blood to shed at the door of Abyss. Your kind will never get the Crown of Fire and will never have dominion on the lands above and beyond.Now, after more than a century, Eva an ordinary girl from Nomadic Hyur Tribe of the Kingdom Denali, is abducted and forced to compete to become the mate of King Tau, the present ruler of Edinretha and give birth to a Paragon, a girl child that possess magical abilities. What she doesn’t know, is the game of power being played to secure the Crown of Fire that belongs to Whiro, the Dark Lord of the Abyss. Centuries ago Whiro was cast back into the Abyss after his reign of terror was ended by the last three Great Ones and mankind, being led by the great king Rohaan of Edinretha. The gates of the Abyss were sealed with the blood of the first Paragon, and now can only be opened by shedding the blood of a Paragon, again.In this game of power, Eva and Tau fall deeply in love with each other, but fate has other plans when Eva discovers dark secrets about her past and origin.


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