Ever After

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Mother always told me, I was a good girl. Good girls find good husbands. They make dinner. Feed the Fae youngings. Keep their noses clean. And never speak to the men in the black coats.

But when the humans throw a masquare ball, it’s the talk of the town. Everyone is going, but no Fae’s allowed. As much as I want to see what humans are like, I am a good girl. Good girls listen- they don’t have happy endings.

On a frosty night, my parents tell me I’ve been matched to a big, strong Fae. But I’m less interested in the man my mother and father thinks is suited for me, but the man that walks past our hood and smiles at the Fae. As if we are the stars he’s looking up at. As if he’s as intrigued of us as we are of him.

Yet he doesn’t know I exist, but I want him to. I’d shape or snap my wings and hide them in my ball gown just to have one night to dance with Mr.Jamie.

I don’t want to be a good girl. I want my happily ever after.