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The Genjuricky Package


2021 Author Shout Reader Ready Awards "Recommended Read" --

Grumbled is a mostly-normal high schooler with a destiny written in the stars. But when you’re the son and heir to the Father of Time, nothing is ever so simple.

Thankfully Grumbled has his best friend Roue by his side – that is until a demon named Gara comes to town with a deep, dark secret that threatens to shake everything to the core.

As Roue falls for Gara, tensions rise in a love triangle of epic proportions and the two of them find themselves battling trolls, skinwalkers, dragons, and the most deadly of all, the satanic Genjuricky - the demon of fire.

Forward ticks the hands of time at a bar in Hell’s fiery depths, where the realization hits Grumbled that his life has come to an end – or has it?

Father of time has a plan to get his son out of Hell, but will Grumbled make the impossible choice put before him?

The threads of time threaten to break as being dead is the least of Grumbled’s worries.

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Cover Art


Cover Art of Roue Roseblade. You can either get the art separate from the book package or all together. 

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Dawn of the Absent


Order a signed copy of Dawn of the Absent by only Tiara Dyson

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Pre-Order The Silverback


"When one of those messes with one of our own, we hit back.” He squatted and leaned forward with his hips. Both hands overlapped. With a stern hold on the rubber handles, he squeezed. “Who shot, Ramona?” He yelled over his challenging attempt to push on the crimping pliers. “Who shot her, mutt?”

“Papa, stop!” The beggar’s eyes enlarged. His stained teeth revealed through a gaping mouth- it was fresh and tinted-mixed saliva colored blood soiling it like a plaque. I was so focused on it, it overshadowed a feeble cry. “I can’t take this! Stop it; I said stop it right now!” Father leaned in; the beggar’s head chucked back. His neck gone red as a beetroot; veins protrude out the shells of his muscles. He wore a grotesque smile, gritting his teeth and allowing a silent but forced scream out.

“Robby, look at our daughter! The actual monster here is you.”

Ramona uncovers the truth about herself and her family secrets. Along with those lies, she must retrieve a key in trade for her family safety. With that, everything she knew about her grandfather comes with consequences. For instance, who is the Silverback? Who is she, and how does she tie in with saving humanity?

Follow Ramona as she juggles her triangular of fate. Save her family, protect the man she’s come to love, and fish for the answers of who she is despite the outcome.

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