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Shut in Hell's fortress, perched at a bar, airing his troubles to a couple of drunks Grumbled Uhr realizes he is dead. So how'd he get there? How did he go from being a high schooler to being dead?Grumbled can manipulate time and lives in a realm of monsters and magic.When his old best friend, Roue, meets Gara his fear of any possible future is shaken to the core. Gara has a grisly secret that places them all at risk.

Both Roue and Grumbled compete to rescue Gara. And,if that’s not enough teen drama, buried in the local lore is a prophecy about Grumble's fate which weighs heavily on his mind.The three of them fight through an action packed of adventure-battling trolls, skinwalkers, dragons, and the most deadly of all, the satanic Genjuricky- the demon of fire. Grumbled has a fate he didn't ask for bringing all his friends and enemies together to uncover the truth of the demon.

Now Grumbled has an impossible choice: he must decide. Will he succeed? Being dead is the least of his worries.

Directed by Ishmael Paz. Creator of the Death Row Series on YouTube.

Edited by Ishmael Paz.

Acting as Roue Roseblade: Jackie Garay. A

cting as Grumbled Uhr: Kevin Garay.

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